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Oû allez-vous en 2020? Where to in 2020?

Bonjour à tous. On espère vous allez bien et vous avez bien passé une belle été.

We would like to welcome all the new subscribers to our website and we hope you enjoy the updates to our project and one day to have you stay with us to explore our beautiful Dordogne region.

We are now open for 2020 reservation. We are so grateful for the confidence

of those who already made a booking for 2020. Merci beaucoup encore and we're looking forward to meeting you all and have fun!

It's been busy in the last couple of months for us, especially now that we are open for business. There are so many logistics to take care of. We also visited many places that would be part of our tour itineraries, as you can see from the photo gallery above. We have so many sites to explore from chateaux, different types of garden, prehistoric site/habitation, outdoor activities (e.g.: canoeing, hiking, boat tour), museums, markets, underground caves, beautiful villages, etc. There are so many variation to chose from. Daniel and I sometime have heated arguments as to where we should bring our clients. But then we go across from our house to get local ice cream :) Then things are fine.

As for renovations, we are set to continue the renovations of our house this October. We finally received our Jacuzzi, YEAH!! Though it is currently still being stored in a warehouse in Sarlat. It is not possible to close down our street for a few hours to lift up the jacuzzi over the house because of the busy tourist season. So, we are hoping to get it installed by end of September. Stay tuned and please wish us luck! :)

We will continue to post samples of sites to visit on our website to provide you a little taste of Domme and the area.

Also, we officially have our website bilingual now, English and French, though the blog page is mostly still in English, we will slowly add French in our next blogs.

Yes, there's much work to be done but we're definitely ready to welcome you all in 2020.

So, where are you going for vacation in 2020? If you need some idea, why not checkout our tour samples in our website and we hope one day Dordogne, would be your destination :)

À bientôt


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