Booking inquiry: room, dinner or all-inclusive stay

Booking, Cancellation and Payment

Our booking is based on first-come, first-served basis.

For All-inclusive Stay: 

  • Booking is normally Saturday to Saturday

  • ​We will require 25% deposit to secure your dates and the remaining balance is due 60 days prior to your trip

  • In case you cancel the booking 90 days before the trip, your deposit will be refunded less 25% to cover administration and exchange rate. If the cancellation is within 90 day of the trip, there will be no deposit refund

  • You may pay us via Paypal or interact email

  • ​Please have adequate travel insurance for each person.

For Bed and Breakfast: 

  • ​We normally require 10% deposit to secure your dates and room.

  • If you cancel the booking with 48 hours or less notice, then unfortunately your deposit is non-refundable.


We will come back to you upon receiving your request as soon as we can.


All-inclusive Stay (April to October):

Our reservations in 2022:

Aug 20 to Aug 27: ALL rooms are FULLY booked

Aug 27 to Sept 3: One room left

Sept 3 to Sept 10: ALL rooms are FULLY booked

Sept 10 to Sept 17: ALL rooms are FULLY booked

Sept 17 to Sept 24: ALL rooms are FULLY booked

Sept 24 to Oct 1: Two rooms are booked, two rooms are still available

Oct 1 to Oct 8: Two rooms are booked, two rooms are still available

Our reservations in 2023:

May 20 to 27: Fully booked

May 27 to June 3: Fully booked

June 10 to June 17: Fully booked

June 17 to June 24: Two rooms are still available