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2nd Bonjour France!

Dan arrived in Paris! It is hard to describe how happy I am that finally we were united again. It has been very tough for me to live in France by myself. I was struggling with the language and way of French live, especially when I have to deal by myself to search my apartment, open new bank account, set up home internet, open electricity and gas account, etc. The amount of paper works required to do all those items is just horrendous and confusing.

While Dan was still living in Ottawa, we were still finalizing our house sales. As he was in Paris, it was bit easier to communicate with our real estate agent and mortgage broker as we did not have time differences anymore. Our offer was accepted in December 2017 and we submitted all our documents to the bank to process our mortgage application. Since the process to get house sales paperwork took too long, by the time they were ready, our bank statements and pay slips need to get resubmitted and it was when they found out that I changed job in Paris and I was still in under probation period until end of March, duh! So, by the time my probation period is over, we have to resubmit all our documents again!

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