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The Creativity Contest

Four months after studying French cooking, I was delighted to be a winner of the creativity contest at School. My meal was Magret de Canard, which is typical meal in our region, Périgord Noir, Dordogne with three different types of side dishes.

Being a Canadian with Indonesian-born to Chinese parents background, I have been exposed to lot of cuisines from South-East Asia, China and North America. I put a twist to my Magret de Canard meal by using 5 spices and Maple Syrup (instead of honey) to marinade the duck. For side dishes, I prepared Pomme de Terre Sarladaise, a typical potato dish which is normally fried in duck fat with garlic and parsley. But this time I prepared it in the form of mashed potato. I put fried duck skin on top of this mashed potato to give a crunchy texture.

To reflect my asian elements to my other side dishes, I have prepared bao bun and sushi. In the bao bun, you have slice of duck, vegetable, grilled walnut, coriander, a touch of truffle oil and the sauce of 5-spices. Similarly in the sushi, I put duck slices with vegetable and 5-spices sauce. Then, I sprinkled toasted sesame seed and Japanese chilly flake.

The prize as a winner of this contest, the school has given me a place for 2-day cooking workshop with French two Michelin-star chef, Sergio Vieira in March. Stay tune in my next post, and I will tell you all the experiences during this workshop. I can't wait :)

Happy cooking! Send me a message if you like the recipe of this dish, and I would be happy to share it.


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