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A Year After Covid19 Pandemic Started

Where are we after a year of Covid 19 pandemic? Here is an update from us.

Here is our first update of the year 2021. Let us kick-off this first edition with an exciting news. Domme has been selected to represent the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine to compete on France 3 TV program for the title of France's favourite village of 2021. Domme is one of the 14 villages in the whole of France to compete. The winner is planned to announce in late June or early July 2021. Fingers crossed! What's new since our last update in October 2020. We were in second lockdown again since last October which was relaxed in mid December. National curfew was imposed from 18:00 to 06:00. This week, the government has announced a new sanitary measure. The national curfew has been pushed ahead by an hour to 19:00. Partial lockdown is imposed in 16 departments for at least four weeks, including Île-de-France, which started last Friday night. Restaurants, bars, cultural sites, sport clubs and non-food department stores are still closed. Fortunately, Domme and the Dordogne department is not part of the partial lockdown. The house renovation officially completed in October 2020. What a relief it's been. Unfortunately it was not a good year to start our business, for sure. However, we're grateful that it was fully done right before the second lockdown happened. That allowed us to receive some local and European clients for B&B. That was definitely a good warm-up and practice for us. We also have been busy decorating the house. It's always fun to hunt for old furnitures and decorative items in brocantes which are many to find here. Dan has done few projects around the house, to keep him busy. Our shutters have a new fresh look as you can see in the above picture. Do you like it?:) Dan has done great job. We are happy with the result.

We had a colder winter this year with a few days of light snows. The snow did not stay long though, but Dan managed to make a snow man one day! He was super happy. Though it did not really look like a regular snow man. It was more like cat or angry snow man perhaps? You judge :) This past winter we had a lot of rain which caused flooding in certain areas especially along the Dordogne river. Some areas in villages were flooded. Domme is fine as we are more than 200 meter above sea level.

Whenever possible we like to go walking and exploring different hiking trails that we would recommend for our future sporty clients. Domme is still beautiful in the Fall and Winter periods. We also go to different villages just outside the Dordogne department that is worth a visit and to explore. Below you can see some more pictures of our little adventures during this pandemic time.

We hope you like our updates and tell us what have you been doing during this pandemic time. Let's share our laughs, hopes and any positive experiences. We will go through this difficult time together. Be supportive and kind to each other. Be safe and keep healthy. We hope to see you guys soon in our beautiful Dordogne region. Cheers et Santé from us. Bisous. Until the next update.


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