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Notre premier Noël à Domme

This year we are blessed to be able to celebrate our Christmas together in Domme. Even though we are far from our families and friends, we do not feel alone as we have met many great people in our village who have invited us for Christmas dinners and lunches. Even strangers we met in Christmas market has invited to come to their house for drinks. We love Christmas in France where Christmas markets are sprung everywhere including the one in Sarlat, where you can enjoy vin chaud to warm you up or taste local cuisine such as taureau rôti (roasted bull), burger de canard (duck burger), saucisson, plenty variety of cheeses, tartine (toasted slice of bread topped with cheese), medieval beer, crêpes, and many others. The milder weather also helps to enjoy the Christmas market without freezing your hands and feet.

In addition to Christmas market that will satisfy your tummy and offer variety ideas of Christmas gifts, you can also enjoy the performances (spectacles) according to the theme which is different every year. This year the theme is Spain (Espagnole) and you can also enjoy flamingo dance and acrobatic troupe.

As for our house renovation progress, we're finally able to get the plumber and electrician to start working on the kitchen. It has been quite a battle with our project manager and Daniel has to push him to move forward the renovation and to be able to work in parallel rather than one thing at a time. This is definitely the working culture difference between France and Canada. This is a good start and we are hoping to keep this momentum and move forward further to the rest of the house. I hope in the next posts, I can share more progresses in our renovation as we are going through short days during the winter.

Finally Daniel and I would like to wish you all, wherever you are, Merry Christmas and hope you can spend good time with family and friends to share all the good memories over your tradition Christmas meals with love and lots of laughters. Toast to you all and happy holiday!

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