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Joyeuses Pâques de Domme

Bonjour à tous de Domme,

Happy Easter to you all who celebrate it and we also would like to welcome those who just joined our mailing list recently. You can catch up and read our previous updates in the blog page in our website. We hope you keep continuing to follow our progress until we are fully open.

We are so happy that the flooring in the kitchen is finally done and the installation of the kitchen cabinets and appliances are scheduled for this week. Yay! It has been many months that we do not have proper kitchen, so this would be another great milestone for us :)

Thanks again to Dan who has been working so hard in installing the flooring especially the measuring and cutting as you can imagine the walls in the old house are not straight. In the end, he did it after two weeks of hardly leaving the house and taking walks as he normally likes to do. Our neighbour called him to check if he wasn't ill, after she did not see him as she normally does. Yeah, that is life in a village, everyone knows your routines! :)

Some of our new wooden windows have also arrived and installed this week. So far, we are happy with the windows as even though they are new, they still match well with our centuries old stoned house. That would be our commitment to preserve our house as much as we can, and yet it will be comfortable for our future guests.

With the help of our neighbour, Dan also has finished to pour the base for our Jacuzzi as you can see in the picture gallery. We are hoping to receive our Jacuzzi in the coming weeks. This would be challenging as there is no access to the garden other than over the house! Wish us luck :)

We are in the process of looking for some furnitures that would match to our medieval house. This weekend we went to Parentis en Borne in the South West of France to pick up dinning chairs which Dan found online. It was very nice day and the break from all the renovation was a nice distraction. As the town is not far from the Atlantic Ocean, we decided to swing by to check it out. The beach was very nice and the sand was amazing. Someone was happy to see the Ocean. He really deserved it with all his hard work in the house, merci sweetie :)

A la prochaine!

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