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Jacuzzi is here!!!

We ordered our Jacuzzi back in March 2019 after done lots of online researches. We found a company which sells a model that we were looking for. Also Spring was a good time to buy Jacuzzi apparently and we got it with a very good discount, happy happy! Then the drama begins...

The initial promised delivery date for our Jacuzzi was in May. But we did not hear from them after the purchased for a while. We followed up with many calls and emails, but with no luck.  Finally the company called us back and said we would get it the following month, yay! It was June and we were still waiting for it. The delivery date had been pushed again to July and August when finally it was delivered to our transporter in Sarlat. Next step should be simple right, call the transporter to deliver it to our house. Not quite.

Since our house is strategically located in the tourist area, it was not allowed to close the street during tourist season. Plus for the Jacuzzi delivery we needed a crane to lift it up over the house to the terrace.

Poor Dan that he needed to talk to Mayor's office and transporter to fix the date for the deliver. Both did not talk, and it was like a ping pong game. Mayor's office was waiting for transporter's call, and vice versa.

Dan decided to go to transporter office in person and determine to get fix date. We got the date for early October, and told the Mayor's office about it. This should have resolved the issue, right? Once again wrong! Mayor's office only accepted the date confirmation from the transported, not us! F%&@

Sigh! There was only one way now to get this done, once for all. Dan tricked transporter that they need to call Mayor's office as the city had technical question that we did not know about. Finally both talked and the date was set.

All is good now and the jacuzzi is in our terrace. We are very happy and relieved. Patient is a virtue.  Here is a video clip of our jacuzzi being flown to our terrace. All will be ready for you.


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