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Joyeuses Pâques

Happy Easter, and it is us again. We know this year's Easter would be different for all of us. We are grateful that we have completed our 14-day quarantine since we are back from Canada, and we are healthy. 

We also like to thank you again to those who attended our Meet and Greet in Ottawa. It was really nice to finally meet you in person and answer to all the questions about our tour package and places to visit. We are sorry that we had to cancel the event in Cornwall due to the pandemic situation.

Our lives in Domme has also changed. During the national lockdown, we are allowed to go out for one hour a day to do exercise or buying grocery or any essential need. We fill in an attestation online in a smartphone and all is recorded: our name, address, date and time. No escape when police stops us. Here is a short video clip to give you a glimpse of Domme during this lockdown:

What We’re Up To

We are stuck in the house and we have bad hairs! We are grateful that we have a terrace and Jacuzzi. Dan has been busy working outside to install the terrace slab around the Jacuzzi, fix the stone flooring and clean up the garden. I am now working remotely. It is nice that I do not have to commute to Paris for 2-day a week, save time and money. Furthermore, the offices are closed and all trains stop running. We spend time more on cooking and baking together, trying new recipes. We sometime succeed it, and it sometimes does not turn out as expected. On the positive side, wines seem make the food delicious! We also have a little more time to practice now. Once a while we do video group with neighbors for Apéro! We also join national wide clapping for all essential workers every 8pm through our window. As for the house renovation, the windows and doors are finally delivered and installed, just in time before the work stopped temporarily due to the lockdown. It has been two week now. Our project manager called Dan this week and we could bring back some of contractors to start working again soon. Dan has filled in a form for ensuring they will be isolated from us and not sharing same washroom. Let's hope for good news. That is our short update for now, and please stay home. Below we posted few photos from Meet & Greet. Until next updates!

Be safe and healthy, and take advantage to spend more time with your loved ones.


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