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Où en sommes-nous dans la rénovation?

November 2019 was a big month for us. After over a year of preparation, the last phase of renovation has finally started. The scaffolding was up and the work to repair one part of the roof began.

The stone works in the salon and bedrooms also started. We are really committed to restore and keep the charm of centuries-old stoned house as much as possible. Although, that means Daniel has to fight and argue regularly with the project manager and contractors who insisted to cover the beautiful stone walls with cement!! The way of working is different here compared to Canada. We have to remind them that this is our house and we pay them to get things done according to our design.

It took a couple of weeks to fix the roof, to add skylights and dormers in the attic. Now the exterior looks like the picture in the left. Before there is only one dormer and window (right picture).

At this time, the work to make two bedrooms with en-suite bathroom in the attic is still in-progress.

Since mid-January 2020, the work has been focusing inside the house for the plumbing, electricity and bedrooms walls. Twice a week there is a meeting between Daniel, project manager and the contractors. The drawing and reality have started to speak differently, especially when our old-fashioned project manager did the drawing in 2-D that missed the exact measurement or angle. As a result, as we are progressing the work, we need to change the design here and there.